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The AirTite Ring Fit 40mm Model I - Silver Eagle coin holder utilizes a unique ring.

Air-Tite Coin Holders feature two clear Lucite snap together pieces along with an inner black gasket to provide an even tighter seal.

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Ring Type Air-Tite coin holders are safe for long term storage or display of your coin collection.An article published November 20, 2015 in The Berkshire Eagle of Massachusetts discusses the local company that makes the Air-Tite line of coin holders.Quarters Silver Eagle Dollar Proof Air Tite Coin Holders Plastic Lehman Teapot.Coin Supplies for International Coins. and a base to fully encase a single coin.

1oz Gold Eagle Coin Capsules, Air-Tite Holders 32mm White

Bulk quantities of Air-Tite holders both ring type and direct fit at discounted prices.

This is my 2nd review on Air-Tite Black Ring Coin Capsule Holders, I stated in my first review that I would not buy the black one, but I like them and it.

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